Taliban kill pregnant police officer in front of her family: report


Taliban militants shot and killed a pregnant police officer in front of her children and husband, the BBC reports.

The woman, identified as Banu Negar by local media outlets, was killed in front of family members outside of her family home in the city of Firozkah.

The Taliban denied any involvement in Negar’s death and said they are investigating the incident, the BBC reported.

“We are aware of the incident and I am confirming that the Taliban have not killed her, our investigation is ongoing,” spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told the outlet.

He blamed the murder on “personal enmity or something else,” adding that the Taliban announced it would grant amnesty to employees of the former US-backed government.

The BBC cites three sources that confirmed that the Taliban beat and shot Negar. Relatives provided the outlet with graphic images that showed “blood spattered on a wall in the corner of a room and a body, the face heavily disfigured,” it reported.

Family members said she worked at the local prison and was eight months pregnant.

Though the Taliban have promised a more open and inclusive government than when they last ruled the country more than 20 years ago, many remain skeptical.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed that the Taliban is not responsibel for Negar's murder.
Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed that the Taliban is not responsible for Negar’s murder.

On Saturday, Taliban fighters put an abrupt end to an Afghan women’s march after their members began shooting gunfire into the air.

The march began peacefully in the Afghan capital Kabul as demonstrators first went to the country’s Defense Ministry to pay homage to soldiers who died fighting the Taliban.

In August, Taliban fighters promised to respect “women’s rights,” despite their horrid track record of allowing women and girls basic freedoms.

Taliban spokesman Mujahid told reporters then that the insurgents would honor women’s rights, within highly restrictive Sharia law. The militants urged women to return to school and work, and another Taliban spokesman granted a televised interview to a female journalist.


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